nature & adventure

Les Waterfall Excursion
Discover the diverse nature to explore in Bali. Embark on a 45-minute bicycle ride through quaint Balinese villages with a stopover at a local market. Followed by a moderate half an hour uphill hike towards the waterfall. Then enjoy a simple picnic at the foot of the waterfall surrounded by the peaceful sounds of nature.

Mount Batur Sunrise Hike
Ideal for those looking for adventure in Bali, or simply seeking a unique experience. Depart the resort at 2am by car to Mount Batur. Trek in the cool mountain air to the peak of the mountain and await the rising sun. After witnessing this spectacular sight, you begin the hike down to the car waiting to take you back to the resort.

Sunrise at Mount Batur
Mount Batur is surrounded by a huge crater and perched on the edge of the crater’s western rim lies Penelokan which means 'place to look'. Depart the resort at 4am by car to Penelokan for a magnificent view of the sunrise over Mount Batur. A picnic basket will be provided for breakfast followed by a short tour of the Kintamani area before returning to the resort.

Sunrise or Sunset Jukong Cruise
Experience a traditional Balinese boat, the jukong, as it bobs along the calm waves of the Bali Sea. From this vantage point, the whole of Mount Agung can be seen. A rare and beautiful sight, given the right time and conditions, schools of dolphins can also be spotted. Embrace the energy and peace of the waves during sunrise or sunset.

Diving & Snorkelling – Amed
Due to the easy water conditions, Amed is suitable for both novice and experienced divers. In this area, you will find many different kinds of sponges and gorgonians and the marine life includes everything from gobies and shrimp as well as anemones with attendant clownfish to schools of barracuda and Blue Spotted Ray. Many different kinds of parrotfish, angelfish, surgeonfish and moray eel can be found here and the fantastic coral formations, the density and variety of fish and the occasional Wobbegong Shark, makes this day excursion a highlight.

Diving & Snorkelling – Liberty Shipwreck
Explore the Liberty shipwreck located 9-30 metres beneath the waves at Tulamben, a half an hour drive from the resort. The 120 metre long WWI cargo ship, equipped with guns for WWII, was torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942 and now lies encrusted in anemone, gorgonia and coral amidst the stunningly diverse ecosystem. From the minute anglerfish, neon nudibranchs, ghost pipefish through to the areas of garden eels and multi-coloured clouds of anthias and damsels and on to the schools of sweetlips, batfish, fusiliers and butterflyfish, the variety of marine life in the waters surrounding the wreck are amazing.

Diving & Snorkelling – Menjangan Island (national park)
Famous for wall-diving, the walls at the Menjangan dive sites offer the greatest diversity of gorgonian fans in Bali. They generally start at 10 metres with the flat coral reefs offering gentle conditions, lots of sunlight and are full of medium and small fish. The walls are full of small nooks and crannies, overhangs, and bigger cavelettes and crevasses, all covered with soft corals, gorgonian fans and sponges.

White Water Rafting
Manoeuvre through the rapids of the Telaga Waja River with the help of an expert guide as drops of cold clear spring water fall through towering trees and the vines above. Between the thrill of the speeding rapids, visions of Balinese daily life play before your eyes; an intricate web of lush paddy fields, children playing in the river and birds sweeping overhead.

The Bali Handara Country Club is a 7,024 yard, par 72, 18-hole golf course that provides a full day's golf in fresh mountain air. Mature tree-lined fairways, indigenous flowers, and bent grass greens characterise the course.

Bali Safari & Marine Park
Representing over 50 species of amazing animals, including some rare and endangered species such as the Komodo dragon, orangutan and the Bali mynah, the park offers safari experiences and is actively involved in ensuring the future survival and wellbeing of many Indonesian animal species through engaging education and conservation programmes.

Lovina Dolphin Tour
Lovina is famous for its wild dolphins and even its gates that herald the entrance to the village depict these intelligent, social creatures. This early morning trip by car from the resort to Lovina will be continued with a boat ride on arrival. Timed to catch the beauty of the rising sun surrounded by the Bali Sea, get a chance to watch a school of playful dolphins in their natural habitat.