spa treatments

The therapeutic properties of local ingredients and the healing practices of Bali are the foundation upon which our massage and spa treatments rest.


Embark on a journey to wellness with your partner. This package is a wonderful way to learn lifestyle tools, which you can take away with you after your stay and implement back at home together.
This package includes:

PRIVATE YOGA 60 minutes
A guided class on meditative physical postures and breathing.

Experience sunrise meditation by the ocean or learn the wonders of breathing and discover ways to quiet the mind. Perfect for beginners and those with a stressful lifestyle.

Learn the benefits of using fresh, wholesome ingredients for your health guided by our Chef, and create a signature smoothie together with your partner. We will feature your smoothie on our juice menu for other guests to sample or even make at home.

This hands-on session enables you to connect on a deeper level with your partner, contributing to your joint relaxation. Learning how to do simple head, neck and shoulder massages enable you to help each other relieve the stress from your daily lives, bringing you closer to each other as you improve each other’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Traditionally, preparation leading up the wedding begins three days in advance in the villages of the bride and groom. In each of their homes, their mothers would prepare them by performing the traditional melukat (body cleansing ritual). Beginning with the mewangsul (traditional Balinese massage) to relax and soothe, the ritual continues with the meodak (boreh body scrub) to leave skin reinvigorated and glowing. Empahan (fresh milk) is then applied to nourish and moisturise the skin, finally culminating with the mersiram sekar (floral bath). This treatment is designed to purify and cleanse the mind, body and spirit of each individual before they embark on their new journey together.

SANGKARAJAYA (Herbal Rejuvenation) 100 minutes
Plants have been used in Bali for generations both internally and externally to support the natural healing process. This refreshing experience begins with a fragrant combination of fresh basil, mint, neem and lime to exfoliate and soften the skin. Enjoy a relaxing scalp and facial massage while cocooned in a potent herbal body masque. Tired muscles are invigorated with a rhythmic full body massage utilising lengis nyuh (coconut oil) to improve circulation, and rejuvenate the skin.
Campur-Campur (Spa Village Signature)* 100 minutes
The name Campur-Campur means a blending of varieties in Malay. Combining the best techniques of Malay and Thai massage, our special creation uses touch, tone and aromatherapy to give you a memorable experience. During the treatment, the scent of lemongrass and pandan leaves fill the air as steamed herbs are pressed along the body using a traditional steam pouch.

Napak Pertiwi (Clay Body Wrap) 50 minutes
Clay has been used for millennia to draw impurities from the skin. Its unique ability to cleanse and nourish makes pelotherapy (therapeutic application of clay) an important component of a detox regime, whether used externally or internally.

Sangkara Ayu (Tembok Remedy Body Masque)* 50 minutes
Warm up with a fresh boreh masque that uses a mixture of galangal, ginger, cloves and rice. This treatment helps to expel wind, relieving muscle aches and flu symptoms while improving blood circulation.

Intaran (Neem Body Masque) 50 minutes
The Balinese believe that neem and betel leaves contain wonderful anti-bacterial qualities. Try this natural treatment and benefit from the healing properties while rejuvenating your skin.

Timun (Cucumber Aloe Body Wrap) 50 minutes
A superb after-sun smoothy! Anti-inflammatory and highly recommended for sun sensitive conditions.

Pepaya (Papaya Enzyme Body Wrap) 50 minutes
Locally grown papayas have inspired this unique use of the fruit, gently conditioning the skin and leaving you with a healthy glow.

Lapis-Lapis (Spicy Herbal Wrap)* 50 minutes
In this treatment, a fresh mixture of lemongrass, ginger, galangal and camphor is applied to the body, which is then wrapped in warm sheets. This is an excellent precedent to a Malay or Balinese massage. It helps to detoxify, reduce water retention and relieve joint and muscle pain.
Balinese 50 or 80 minutes
This massage combines historical reference from many cultures, especially Indian, Chinese and European influences, which form the foundation of Balinese traditions. The ritual offers techniques which vary in tempo of acupressure, rolling motions, long strokes and percussion, providing an invigorating and energising experience for the body. Choose to enjoy this massage with or without using oil.

Malay 50 or 80 minutes
The art of traditional Malay massage is passed on from generations. The technique consists of long kneading strokes that focus on the muscles and pressure applied to various points on the body. This treatment uses lengis nyuh (coconut oil), a powerful anti-oxidant which protects, heals and softens the skin.

Melimpun (Pregnancy Massage) 50 or 80 minutes
A traditional Balinese pre-natal massage tailored to meet the changing bodies of pregnant women. Trained therapists apply gentle strokes combined with coconut oil to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve blood circulation and mobility for an overall feel good experience.

Mepijit Point (Three Point Massage) 50 or 80 minutes
This deeply cleansing massage is a synergistic ritual on three areas of the body integral to the detoxification process. Inspired by the movements of Indian head massage, the head is massaged to release tension and reignite neural pathways. Traditional Balinese strokes assist the natural cleansing processes of the intestines whilst stimulation of reflex zones on the feet unifies the total body experience. The varying tempos of acupressure used provide an invigorating and energising experience for the whole body.

Foot Massage 50 or 80 minutes
The theory of reflexology lies in the understanding that feet have reflex points which correspond to internal organs and limbs to balance all functions of the body. By stimulating these points, circulation of the entire body is improved.
Harnessing the healing powers of the sea and sky, feel yourself drift into the heavens during this starlit massage at the ocean's edge. Candles light a sandy path to your celestial experience of stargazing, relaxation washing over you with every breaking wave. Specially prepared herbal oils are used to release tension from the head, neck, shoulders, feet and hands while balancing male and female energy. The feel of the breeze, the smell of the flowers, the view of the stars and the sound of the sea crystallise to create a powerful, deeply relaxing natural journey.

The superb anti-bacterial and skin rejuvenating qualities of aloe vera and intaran (neem leaf) come together to create a serene outdoor garden experience before the ocean that pampers, exfoliates and softens your feet. An invigorating foot scrub of dried jackfruit leaves follows a warm relaxing foot soak in neem leaf extract. Then, indulge in a fresh mint, neem leaf and aloe vera foot masque while enjoying a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. This treatment concludes with a therapeutic foot massage. The Intaran Foot Treatment improves your blood circulation and revitalises the feet, leaving it smooth, soft and truly pampered.

BALE: NIRWANA AND PERTIWI (HEAVEN AND EARTH) Individual 25 minutes / Combined 50 minutes

Relax in a bale or a Balinese outdoor pavilion, with a spectacular ocean view while enjoying Spa Village's rejuvenating "Bale: Heaven and Earth" treatments. Choose to combine both experiences or have an individual treatment.

The "Nirwana" or "Heaven" experience releases deep tension in the head, neck and shoulders while the fragrant aroma of the frangipani, the heavenly flower of the Balinese, delights the senses.


The "Pertiwi" or "Earth" experience rebalances our energy by activating powerful reflex zones on the feet through traditional Balinese pressure point techniques and the use of smooth lava pebbles.
Mesipat (Natural Facial) 50 minutes
This traditional Balinese facial uses local herbs, kayu cendana (sandalwood) and tamarind leaves. This facial incorporates a Balinese facial massage using mini floral pouches and will leave your skin feeling naturally soft and smooth.

Gelesin (Organic Clay Facial) 25 minutes
A traditional Gelesin or express facial starts with a Balinese rice scrub, a face massage with coconut oil before concluding with a choice of volcanic clay, seaweed clay or red clay masque. The soothing clay lifts, firms and exfoliates, resulting in a revitalised and youthful looking complexion. It also helps to draw out toxins and impurities embedded deep within the skin's pores.

Mekramas (Hair Treatment) 25 minutes
Coconut oil is traditionally used by Balinese for hair care. This treatment uses lengis nyuh (coconut oil) and fried tingkih (candlenut) which are applied to the hair and massaged into the scalp. A mixture of daun pucuk (hibiscus leaves) and fresh lidah buaya (aloe vera) is then applied and left on the hair. This treatment is good for dry scalp, strengthening your hair follicles, moisturising, adding shine and leaving your hair feeling soft and silky. It's an ideal add-on to any massage, body treatment or facial.

NAIL CARE 50 minutes
Well-groomed, beautiful hands and feet are a necessity for everyone. Our natural manicure and pedicure include nail and cuticle conditioning, nail shaping and buffing.

Tirta Harum (Herbal) Bath
Good for releasing toxins from the body and nourishing the skin.
Ingredients: volcanic clay, moringa, tusli, daun piduh and neem leaves.
Essential oils: neem, piper betle, turmeric, tea tree, citronella and patchouli.

Napak Pertiwi (Invigorating) Bath
Good for releasing toxins and re-energising the body.
Ingredients: volcanic clay, milk, neem leaves and rose essence.
Essential oils: neem, tea tree, citronella and patchouli.

Mandi Susu (Nurturing Milk) Bath
Good for releasing toxins from the body and moisturising the skin.
Ingredients: volcanic clay and pandan leaves.
YOGA 60 minutes
Private tailor-made classes.

YOGA SWING 60 minutes
A guided class to improve flexibility and strengthen yoga postures using the yoga swing. Not advised for beginners.

Experience sunrise mediation by the ocean or learn the wonders of breathing and discover ways to quiet the mind with meditation. This is perfect for beginners and those with a stressful lifestyle.

PENCAK SILAT 60 minutes
An introduction to this ancient Balinese martial art, which promotes physical wellbeing.

Learn the basic steps of a graceful Balinese dance. Local tea will be served.
Services that are listed with a * symbol are considered heat treatments and are not recommended for guests that have heart conditions, suffer heat sensitivity, or are pregnant.